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Digital Economics & Policy In Focus

Nadkarni and Pruegl (2020), “Digital transformation: a review, synthesis and opportunities for future research”


Nadkarni and Pruegl provide an excellent review of recent literature on digital innovation issues. They analyse 58 peer-reviewed papers on digital transformation published from 2001 and 2019. Based on this analysis, they develop a thematic map (above) which identifies “technology” and “actor” as the two aggregate dimensions of digital transformation.

They then review another 28 papers on technology disruption and 32 papers on entrepreneurship to add a cross-disciplinary approach. From a macrolevel perspective, they find a diverse literature on the status-quo of digital transformation, and some diversity in the theoretical foundations. They also find that the existing literature in general is scarce regarding quantitative empirical evidence.  Areas such as pace of transformation, firm culture, and middle management perspectives are also underdeveloped aspects of the digital transformation literature.



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